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The Largest Democracy

Author’s thoughts on India’s Biometric Identification Card

This is one of the most disturbing fact about the new Biometric identification scheme, proposed by the government of India (GOI). The government wants to literally “tag & track” every Indian with a “human-dog collar“.

Truly, scary, truly Orwellian in nature.

I wonder what’s next? GOI collecting blood, urine, skin & hair samples? Extracting DNA and other biological and chemical composition from every human body that calls him/herself citizen of India.

To the citizens of India – WAKE UP – Know your legal rights granted by the Constitution.

Human beings are not cattle or pets. We do not need to be identified by a “human dog collar” in the form of a Biometric identification card. Commonly known as the Unique Identification card (UID) or Aadhar (meaning Foundation in Hindi).

The Govt. of India (GOI) is dispensing a lethal…

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