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What Grace Has Become

May God Bless his soul. Amen!

Resting in His Grace

Recent posts submitted by some of the skilled writers at WordPress (much unlike this dabbler) reminded me of a friend long since visited. His name is Dietrich Bonhoeffer and he resides in my personal library (you may think that’s a funny place for someone to live, but my wife believes I live there also). While I shelve and cherish a number of his works, it is in my opinion that “The Cost of Discipleship” ranks among the greatest of contributions to the Christian faith that has been offered by men.

It is in this work of course where Bonhoeffer contrasts cheap grace and costly grace (among others). His obvious intent is to bring his readers to the conclusion that authentic discipleship is fundamental for every believer in Jesus Christ. Early in his work, he pole vaults his readers through the history of the Church (briefly), describing how we are ever a…

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